Non-Destructive Testing

  • Specialised in various of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods:
  • Visible/ Fluorescent, Solvent/Water Wash Red Dye-Penetrant Testing
  • Visible/ Fluorescent, Wet/Dry Continuous Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Testing
  • Hardness Testing
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI).
  • These processes are performed to approve written procedures and conducted by suitably qualified technicians & Authorized by our Company Level III.

Third Party Inspections

  • Supply of Certified Welding Inspectors who can advise on manufacturing to ensure compliance to ISO 3834 and includes, but not limited to the following equipment: Structural Items, Rotating Equipment, Forgings, Castings, Valves, PSV’s, Piping Systems, Flexible houses, Air-Compressors, Tanks, Marine Industry, Transportable Containers, etc. (For Hazard Category’s SEP & 1 as categorized by SANS 347)
  • The compilation of Preliminary and Welding Procedures Specification (PWPS’s & WPS’s) on behalf of the manufacturer, including reviewing documentation to ensure Code compliance.
  • Testing and certification of Welder Qualification Records (WQR) on behalf of the manufacturer.
  • Witnessing Hydrostatic pressure testing, Bubble testing, Soap air testing, etc.
  • Re-certification of Uncertified Equipment, weld repairs and modifications thereof.

Quality Assurance, Project Support & Consultation:

  • Provide assistance and representing of QA/QC systems.
  • Provide assistance to Sub-contractors with the compilation of quality documents and all special procedures.
  • Conduct audits on sub-contractors during enquiry stages to ensure their fabrication capabilities and compliance to the relevant construction code and practices.
  • Supply of Quality Coordinators, QA/QC Inspectors, Handover Personnel and Qualified Welders.
  • Assist in Kick-off/Pre-fabrication meetings (KOM/PMM) and ensuring the technical and quality requirements are met and adhered to.


Represent of AIA Services in Western Cape

  • Inspections on Pressure Accessories, Piping systems, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Drums, Steam Generators, Reactors,
  • Pressure & Safety Accessories, Transportable Pressure Containers, Transportable Gas Containers, Fire Extinguishers, Geysers etc. (For Hazard Category’s 2 and higher as categorized by SANS 347)
  • Qualification of Welding Procedures (PQR’s) on behalf of the manufacturer, including Heat treatment and mechanical testing, witnessing and documentation to ensure code compliance.
  • Conduct inspections on fabrication activities and ensure compliance as specified by the Pressure Equipment Regulations of the OHSACT – Act 85 and the Minerals Act 29 (Witnessing of weld preps, fit-ups, Hydrostatic tests etc.)
  • Material identification and verification, cast number transfer and reporting (ISO 3834 & SANS 347).
  • Review and approval of Design and drawings for Steel Structures, Pressure Vessels, Steam Generators, Piping systems under pressure.
  • Re-certification of uncertified equipment, weld repairs and modifications thereof.
  • Reviewing / witnessing and evaluation of NDT.
  • Progressive reviews and final approval of data books.
  • Issue of Certificate of Compliance and Stamping of nameplate.

Engineering & Welding Consultation

  • Provide the Design, Stress Analysis & Drafting of manufacturing Drawings.
    Conformity Assessment Verification per SANS 347 and Approval of registered PR. Engineer.
  • Technical support in consulting and selection of materials, welding processes, welding consumables, heat treatment, mechanical testing, non-destructive testing of weldments, manufacturing activities, etc. in accordance with code requirements.
  • Selection and use of various international construction codes and practices with regards to design and fabrication.
  • Identify and provide solutions for welding defects, such as weld cracks, stress corrosion cracking, fatigue, metal corrosion, evaluating of various weld indications.
  • Evaluate and material solutions on castings, forgings, weldments.

Design & Drafting Services:

EQS are capable of performing “In-House” mechanical designs and drafting work for pressure systems, pressure equipment, storage tanks, small structures and foundations:

  • Pressure Systems: Mechanical design and drafting on piping systems, which includes piping diagrams, plot plans, piping plans and isometric drawings, process design on piping to determine flow in pipelines, pressure drop through piping and sizing of piping. Various ANSI B31 Design Codes are used for these designs.
  • Pressure Equipment: Mechanical design and drafting on all type of pressure equipment, including vessels, autoclaves, process columns and heat exchangers. Also process designs on some heat exchangers, which includes shell & tube heaters, coolers and condensers. Design software is PV Elite. Design Codes used are ASME VIII Div 1 and PD 5500.
  • Storage Tanks: Mechanical design and drafting on API 650 and API 620 storage tanks. This includes seismic calculations, fixed and floating roof construction tanks.
  • Small Structures: Mechanical design and drafting on small structures, and their foundations, and foundations for equipment.
  • Finite Element Analyses: FEA calculations on various parts of pressure equipment, nozzle loading, imposed loadings etc. Solid 3-D modelling technique are used. Design software is Nastran and Patran. This F.E.A. technique are also used on some structure designs.